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Blackrock Salthill - Acrylic on canvas board 2012
50,8 x 40,6 cm (20" x 16")- sold
This art work was painted and exhibited in 2013 in  the Galway Fringe Festival.Galway Fringe Festival
Blackrock is the famous diving tower in Salthill, Galway. If you walk along the prom you can have a fantastic view of the Burren Mountains, painted in the background.
Giclee prints are available in the sizes of 40 x 50 cm 16" x 20" ( 50 Euro ), 30 x 42 cm 12" x16" ( 30 Euro ) and 20 x 30 cm 8" x 12" ( 20 Euro)
Printed on Somerset Velvet Paper and with a white border.
Prints can be ordered in My Etsy Shop
Printed by DigiCreativ
It is individually signed, titled and numbered personally by me.
For more information please contact me!

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